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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I can't check out! Help!
A- If you're not seeing delivery options populate at the end of checkout, its because you don't have your profile completely filled out. You MUST create a profile on the website if you want your order to go through. Go to bottom of page and under my account click 'My Profile' and make sure you have name, email, phone and address.

Q- Why can't I select a delivery option?
A- If you do not have the 5 meal minimum for delivery in your cart, you will not be able to complete your checkout. Add a few meals and watch the magic happen.

Q- Do you deliver outside of NJ or NYC? Say, Texas? Michigan? Canada?
A- For right now, we are limited to central and northern NJ, the five boroughs of NYC, and Nassau County Long Island.

Q- Can I swap out one menu item for another?
A- Many of our meals have options to swap out or exclude starches, proteins, or veggies. Be sure to configure your meal before you add it to your cart.

Q- How long does the food stay fresh?
A- Meals are fresh FOUR days in the refrigerator, and UP TO one month in the freezer. Because our containers are pre-punctured, (so the food can steam itself when heated), we recommend transferring them to an airtight container if you choose to freeze them.

Q- Can I pay cash on delivery?
A- Our drivers deliver hundreds of meals on delivery days. For their safety and sanity, cash is not permitted as delivery payment.

Q- HELP! How do I heat this stuff up?
A- Throw that bad boy in the microwave, 2-3 minutes with the top on OR remove your meal from the plastic container and cook in the oven at 350° for ten minutes.

Q- Can I track my delivery?
A- Your driver will text you when he or she leaves our facility, and again when they are about 20 minutes away. If a text back is delayed, don't panic. They are driving vans full of precious cargo and can't always make it to the phone. We haven't forgotten you.

Q- I live in New York - how does the food stay fresh during delivery routes?
A- Drivers delivering food to Northern NJ and NY are actually piloting refrigerators on wheels. Your food is kept cool in a temperature-regulated van.

Q- When do you deliver to my area?
A- NJ Deliveries for Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset & Union County are made SUNDAYS and THURSDAYS, while New York deliveries and Northern NJ Deliveries for Bergen, Hunterdon, Mercer, Morris & Passaic County are made MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.

Q- If I want to order items in bulk, can I just order 2 pounds of chicken?
A- All bulk orders must meet a minimum total of $50.00. You can view the available products and quantities on our Catering page.

Q- I have a SEVERE lactose, nut, and wheat allergy. Will I survive if I place an order?
A- As always, we recommend using your best judgement. Allergens are listed on our menu, but our meals ARE prepared on shared equipment. If the thought of lactose makes your stomach turn, please use your personal experience and discretion. The majority of our meals are gluten free.

Q- Do I need to be home when the food is dropped off?
A- Nope. If you will not be home, just leave instructions for your driver in the comments section when you check out. Remember to leave your cooler bag out. Either select that you need a cooler bag at checkout or leave a delivery comment that you have previously purchased one.

Q- The date I want my meal is no longer available. Can I still place my order?
A- Our greatest priority is quality control. Last minute orders can mess with our cooking production, meaning people who ordered on time may suffer unintentionally. We kindly ask that you place your orders before the deadline. There are also days that aren't available for anyone. Our Holiday Schedule is below:

2017 Holiday Schedule
We Will Be Closed  
Easter April 16th
April 17th
Memorial Day May 28th
May 29th
Thanksgiving November 23rd
Christmas Break December 22nd -
December 31st

FAQs about CRF Nutrition

Q- Where can I get the supplements you suggested?
A- You can order them online or buy them at various wellness retailers like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.

Q- When should I have my protein shake?
A- The best time to take a recovery protein shake is within 15 minutes after your workout.

Q- Is it ok to have a protein shake as a meal replacement for my breakfast?
A- No. We believe it is important to have a full and comprehensive breakfast in order to fuel the metabolism for proper function throughout the day.

Q- Do I need to take the specific supplements recommended?
A- The supplements recommended are specific to your body type and only work as an aide to either burning excess fat or converting fat into energy.

Q- Why do I feel lightheaded or weak?
A- Because of excess glucose levels, you may experience withdrawls in the form of a headache or tiredness in the first 3 days. Please drink plenty of water and feel free to drink unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon to help with the sugar withdrawls.

Q- Should I be aiming to be under my caloric intake every day?
A- The caloric recommendation is a guideline to make sure you are eating enough each day.

Q- What if I am over my caloric intake?
A- The caloric intake is a recommendation and is secondary to the TYPE of foods you are eating. You should aim to be within approximately 100 calories (+/-) of the suggested figure.

Q- If I have a substantial amount of calories left in my daily intake, can I eat a substantial supper to meet the limit?
A- We believe that your last meal (dinner/supper) should be the smallest of your three major meals. It is most important to shut down the metabolism by the time you go to bed, so do not eat late in order to simply reach the suggested caloric intake.

Q- I feel I am eating too much. Should I cut out my between-meal snacks?
A- If you are losing your appetite as you go through the day, taper the quantity/portion of your meals. Do not cut out your snacks. They are important for keeping your metabolism running throughout the day, keeping you regular and providing consistent energy.

Q- How often should I be working out?
A- We suggest that you exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week.

Q- I don't see something I usually eat on my narrative. Can I eat that?
A- Your narrative lists ALL of your options. If something is not on the narrative, that means it is not for that chapter (temporary), or not for your body type (permanent), and not meant to be consumed.

Q- Can you clarify what dairy products are good for me?
A- For some clients, dairy shows in their lab results as an allergen. Often for these clients, however, cheese from sheep or buffalo are listed on the narratives. This is because the poly-lipid bonds in cow's milk have a different structure that makes it necessary to be cut from certain narratives. (Cottage cheese is often an exception because of the structure of the curds and the high protein content.)

Q- Do I really need to input everything I consume on the MyFitnessPal app?
A- Yes. It is not simply to see if you are cheating. Inputting everything provides data and a record to refer to, especially in case your body is not responding well to something we DO suggest you eat.

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